What’d Be, Where You’re

Some dreams of human lives born as “I’d always wanted to be…”, otherwise someone doesn’t. It is that what it is.

Actually, everybody has exceptional thought which they were gonna be someone. I would to say that I’d always wanted to be a soldier, my family hoped to see me as a soldier, and I focused on my brain, but I didn’t happen. I never wanna be a soldier. It isn’t relevant with was birth, is it? –  Then in every seven years, my decisions have changed as much as everyone. I have been changing with every event for this reason my dreams I had things, slipped down from my hands. Then I was a pessimist person quite heavily… This dream finally had was stopped.

On the other hand, piano that I liked to dream many times. They can’t be compared, but I think they’re same things to me.

I assumed that, you’ve watched movies and something that are related to piano. Piano is an obsession to engage in demagoguery because of makin’ up. I can say The Pianist is the best movie of movie about piano I’ve ever watched. Shall don’t forget that, there is a La Pianisté from Michael Haneke as an advice.

Progress to third slice of seven years, I guess it was in ’13, Fazıl Say said people of Turkey something on social media. Words a pianist said are like to be intellectual to say something to happen.  Let me clarify. I don’t say it’s not about whether political behaviors nor me. It was just a dream before second slice of seven years unfortunately.

There is a simple fact that, I’m not be able to be a pianist because I attracted from it such everything is wanted and nothing has been! If you don’t want enough to be something, it doesn’t happen. This part had been on the part of my brain, too.

The life is so long to having dreams as far as the time is too short to make ‘em real. I mean, they come with their punches unless we work on ‘em.

After all I’d been discovering new way to walk on it through to my dreams. I had to catch ‘em. Afterwards, I said myself they really were dreams. I had to find something is reached to be myself, and I’ll never say where I’m in part of my dreams!

You will be able to see that with your naked eyes.

The question is that, “WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU IN YOUR DREAM?”

  • The photo was shot on the 21th of October in ’16.


The Story of My Childhood Legend

The Story of My Childhood Legend started with I had the best wish to eat it, so I’ve already been eating it. Everybody ate it, either they were rich or poor. It doesn’t matter clearly.

Recently, I saw it was on shelf at the market, I haven’t remembered now, wasn’t bought a single one. I surprised.

Let me give you an example: I remember that, I had a sick and, I couldn’t go to the market, so I wanted my father to buy Pringles. I knew that, my father wasn’t a rich person, and he said me he could buy with his upset smiling. However, there was a fact that, he would buy it, and he did.

The possibility had bad moments about it wasn’t bought, and the father of anyone absolutely did. Even so, they get something angry, they really wanted not to break their children up.

The life was good when we had happiness better than now with something little. We might not be able change something wrong, but we must be happy what we have. When people are happy about it, the humanity can be changed…

Lastly, it’s not been to appreciated, but it’s one of the most valuable moments in our life…

  • The photo was shot on the 3rd of August in ’16.