Ma Best Series

The best series I’ve ever watched for this moments are without alignment.

11.22.63 (2016)

Angels in America (2003)

Banshee (2013–2016)

Better Call Saul (2015– )

Black Mirror (2011– )

Bodyguard (2018- )

Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

Daredevil (2015–2018)

Dexter (2006–2013)

Fargo (2014– )

Game of Thrones (2011–2019)

Hannibal (2013–2015)

House of Cards (2013–2018)

La Casa De Papel (2017– )

Mr. Robot (2015–2019)

Peaky Blinders (2013– )

Rome (2005–2007)

Sherlock (2010–2017)

Silicon Valley (2014–2019)

Spartacus (2010–2013)

Suits (2011–2019)

The Man in the High Castle (2015–2019)

The Night Manager (2016)

The Night Of (2016)

True Detective (2014– )

Vikings (2013– )

Westworld (2016– )

Update might be required in a few days, weeks or months.

You also might want to see where these based on.

Go, Just So

— Before you should read The Revolution

“I think an ability is a part of experience.

We don’t have a power how to die. When the time comes, a power that we have is how to draw a sketch of dying.

Just on our hands.

I often can’t sleep.

So, such a moment goes around where I would get used to use my skills.

Besides, it is not by chance.

Thanks anyway…

— Now, I’m whistling a song from  a ghypsy to the nature. *

It is how it is going…

The past runs away from a moment where we get stuck in, and I live life fully with a pleasure of seeing the future.

The walking away from a people who don’t give a behavior to me, is a period of a few years.

It happens.

If you want it.

Because of there is no another life gotten before passed one…

Make sure they are confused all bout you.

Stay stronger!


Just Go.

Thanks for everyting, K.A”

~ Another stronger and survived part of me from another moment of 2018.


There is a life,

lived by someone.

Just about experience or something else is defined as a mistake.

All about past?

Maybe second one chosen.

definetily it is.

He acts like he doesn’t wanna have a mistaken,

what the good behavior is made.

He is like a star,

when he speaks to his audiences.


The truth what he believes is his goal for fixing his past,

but couldn’t.


The fiction what he knows only results to become known,

and he stays for a while.

–the fact.

Even there some missed things,

what is the meaning of the one who calls, that makes him to stop talking?

The silence never excuses.



I just learned three words that night: “goodwill is a cancer”.



Even the time goes,

a man

even though all those hassels,

with help of the nature,

how he reachs to his aim,


what they were being about.

The French Revolution…

He wanted to fly his flag.



in my previous life…

ooops!#^? (that is pessimistic)

before two hours I acted at scene


hmm maybe amigos,

whatever I had.

I thought I was having some rottens,

just about rentals.

There is nothing at all.

I’m alone,

and I sit at a room,

I’m about sleeping or fighting with that shit in between…

–must have to choose the second one.



he comes down of the scene…

with his greetings.

he breaks the key,


rides his bicycle to up.

–gear is one though.

Nobody Praying For Them

For Stage 1

For stage 2

“How much longer do you have, ha?

You are really a god.

No, I’m not really a god. *1

*2 Sinan, who is friend of him smells his feelings out. Then, Sinan starts drawing diagram of life. They’ve had conversation about women fair. Sinan also knows how to solve problems, and he is on the way of them.

He likes Sinan as does Sinan.

After two hours conversation, he gets the diagram and stars to plan. He is on his way, as above he guess he grew up and he just needed Adrian such like John did. Paulie and Mick are children as right and left side in him. *3

# This contents how they feel, and it doesn’t have to have good things you get…*2

The boy’s grown up in time, and thinks they had good conversation when they were in different cities. He talked with her he has to put everything right, and decided to. It must. Everything comes when you are younger so much.

This is the rule.

In case, she had some disfavor about what they had, and she’d avoided to talk him. He never seemed understanding but, he always felt it. This showed the sense how he had.

At nights, he checked what they lived together up with way too. For instance, he laughed on she striked an attitude, and she sometimes talked to him as she liked walking with him. Bullshit!

What happened? *3

At last, he thought they had a sweet argument:

I’m just like you.

Just a bunch of electricity. ” *1

Say Morning Yourself

Let’s try it dude! Just have been thinking about looking around when I going to another city by anything I want.”

You have already thought you live in another city where you wanna go to your nightmares whenever it comes…”

Then think what I say now! On my mind something has turned back through to my middle hair. Something like that application form, which is empty because you want it to be like that?”

So, it’s what you did. You had friends behind so that, it often happens if you want. I know what you mean.”

It happened if there are some possibilities that may go wrong if I accept. It just…

You have a chance again, goes to future you won’t stop it. You must be going to your dreams till you die.”

Whatever… Let’s talk about better things.”

This is the good what I talk about! Not to happen war against the nightmares.”

There had been dark days you I should have rejected…”

You shouldn’t!”

…when I couldn’t have handled with these. And I’m stronger now.” *i

So, are you sure *ii you absolutely talking to me?” -He’s surprised with his ideas are less emotional than a few ago. *ii

Yes, I’m sure who I’m talking with. There is noone who trusts eveyone anymore.” *i

Thus you must get up again with every morning could born for you again…“

Of course, I would accept…”

Then, just think wat if it couldn’t?”

No matter, there is always better.”


I’d take care of myself with fews of me…”

  • The photo was shot on the 12th of January in ’17.

The Dark Day

How to start getting up from deep sleep again is like a concerto. It must be hard to believe, and easy way to be fail after all the trying conspiracy.

Now whenever you just wait, it’s like silence between things have always been on brain. You know how it is listened by traveling. *1

Assuming at the bar, drunk person can read a newspaper because of boring with the other ones what the others talking about past, broke up with all the people. When it occurs the drunk person wants to be go his home, and getting continue going away. This happens when he is close to sleeping *2 at morning.

Here the dark day *2 comes with the patient not to go crazy. It’s winning who has transparent things to changes when everything has gone.

It’s like good experiences within either running before staying or walking when temporal lobs never awake. There has always something makes us smile, but it has to be gotten ready to flight to somewhere you go. *1

What does it is in our hands to shaking up.

What if just saving the screaming to survive in the earliest time.

  • The photo was shot on the 8th of January in ’17.


Nobody Praying For Her

For Stage 1

When she woke up, she already thought he got no some rest as if she did…

He slept no much, and he read a book as always.

She thought he is a lucky guy when he met her. As she guesses he has experimental brain to do his favorite things, and he fears them now because he couldn’t have done his best yet.

However, these always comes to him what he thinks like bad sequence of events. She likes to hear all these things from him.

Exactly, she doesn’t know what these are that’s why she cares about him, and she’s gonna be insane then.

Firstly, he just has to be relax, and there is gonna be something to live in good days. She hopes so that with her all breath especially when she’s with him.

She says “Yay! Why is that? Ha ha.”

Everything is okay now, so wish something to happen. Yup.

He says “They say that, Déjà Vu is usually a sign of love at first sight…”

It seems weird but, it generally has to be agreed by she that don’t know his past, this happiness is normally in life time.

She says “Having a sex… It can be one of the most aspired things to love, people have unreal feeling. Funny and ironic…” She had no real feeling to belong with someone, too.

Then she wakes up her dream and says “What the hell took you so long?”

The reason why she shouldn’t have hoped loving him, but everybody knows that, as an author said “the good ones are never known at first sight!”

All this happens has no reason to get to know onto brain who he is.

Then after the morning…

He got outta the bed, and thinking of feelings nothing at all, and turns up the burner to drink a coffee because of staying awake as well.

She thinks she’s aware now…

After a while he says “So, this is where I was born!”

For Next

Nobody Praying For Him

“Why do I get the feeling we’ve met before?”

Getting back to just a few minutes ago… Let me remind y’all.

A dog comes to cafe, and it disturbs a girl. So, a boy tells it “don’t disturb the girl”. Then everything starts after she caught him through to her heart.

They kept silent for that moment…

And, to the past…

She says “Maybe we have, in another life.”

The answer comes to be said by him What’s that other life like?”

He could say “hi” and she had been quiet. There was a good feelings between him and her. He asked her would you like drink a cup tea or maybe coffee with me?

At the second meeting up, she says “You know that feeling you have that we met before?”

They told everything about mutual things each other.

The feeling that on his mind, he couldn’t has slept, and it sometimes doesn’t exist. She guesses he had a dream about the girl he goes to somewhere with her, and he started to the world might be a strange to him or he’s a lucky person.

She said he is absolutely god damn lucky!

Also he’s been living since midnight, contrary she lives in day times and she hopes, morning will be a good for her. He had no sleep until about 30 hours that’s why he has to sleep, and his eyes wanna close through to dreams…

She says It’s the same with me.”

In the other side, she just wanna be quiet to help herself at moments of night because she likes that not to goes crazy. Actually, she neither has a demon on her brain to fight it like that himself.

“Whatever yo! There is something wrong with it.”

She needs to sleep… Then it happens until what she wants to wake up…

For Stage 2

Who Believes?

When boy seeing a girl, who he realizes talking with…

A BOY: #hi{}

A GIRL: Hi? Where I..??

B: I’ve been following your posts with I’ve enjoyed for two months.

G: What the fu..??

B: Your sketches… I realize you are designer whose heart was killed by a boy own self.

G: It means???!! He?

B: Sometimes, whoever sees you…

G: Not you, ha?

B: He thinks how to fix the heart, which would be a couple again.

G: So? There’s a fact, either the boy might be known as {{bad_ass}} or I don’t c#.

B: If he dreams all the nights nobody can do?

G: He should be ashamed looking her eyes… 

B: It’s very terrifying possibility as well.

G: And he absolutely must be sure about it!

B: As you saw this morning…

G: Who believes in him again?

B: Here we are. Just think about that.

G: If…

B: Yeap. That’s what I thought.

G: </brain>


A song of the end

The Revolution

Waiting for something… The most painful patient to be good at dark and nothing may occur like disaster so that, you will be able to keep you lock to someone all your times.

Which’s why, don’t let your brain lock Whenever, and wherever else its doors through to partial lobs. If it’s happened… At this way, whoever else can never get into your left side on your brain.

The happiness whistles are to happen this are just sleeping between five and six hours, not more. It’s like terrifying danger not to seem something in black. You know, someone has said “Don’t let your Anakin turn into Darth Vader.” on LinkedIn.

The solution is not easy, but it’s on our hands… Either we can do with easy way slowly or not… Who knows, the other ones might work this on what you want both behind and front, when you’ve just chosen you are cold with your herbal teas not to be again.

Also, it shouldn’t have been additional thing since you think as pessimist at room on your right partial lob to make a decision more times, while you’ve been waiting for nothing on earth, the revolution has already come the right side on your hearth.

  • The photo was shot on the 7th of January in ’17.